20 Ways to Upcycle Bed Sheets

October 15, 2019

20 Ways to Upcycle Bed Sheets

Just because a sheet is no longer perfect for the bed anymore, does not mean it can’t still be useful. There is always something you can do to give your old bedsheets a new life. That’s what makes recycling and repurposing so much fun! Whether you still love your sheets or they are near permanent retirement, we have ideas of how you can keep them useful.

You still love the bedsheets

If you still love the design pattern on your sheets, but they are showing wear, you don’t have to get rid of them. Sometimes the top sheet far outlives the bottom sheet. There are plenty of ways you can feature your favorite designs with a new life.

1. Nobody said they have to match

In the event of your top sheet outlasting your bottom sheet, replace the bottom sheet with a solid color that complements the colors on the top sheet. Add some matching solid color pillowcases to pull the look together.

2. Table cloth

This idea is perfect for the top sheet that still has plenty of style left. Adjust the hem to fit the size of your table with a simple running stitch or easier yet, some iron-on hemming tape.

3. Curtain or shower curtain

The light fabric used for sheets is perfect for kitchen and bathroom curtains for a light-filtering airy appeal. Use the existing top hem to slide a curtain rod right through.

4. Fabric napkins

Imagine a new life as a lovely table setting! A simple cut and a few hems, and you have perfectly crafted napkins ready for your next dinner party.

5. Make an apron or smock

You can make it as simple or fancy as you like, depending on your confidence with a needle and thread. The best part is that you can create a custom fit for yourself.

6. Shabby-chic rug

If the color and pattern are still a favorite, but the sheets themselves are imperfect, cut your sheet into strips and either braid or crochet them together (yes, they have crochet hooks and knitting needles, too, that are big enough for this). From there, you can form a rug with some simple stitches that is custom-fitted for your space. The thick weave makes a fantastic bath mat!

7. New pillowcases

Your old sheets are perfectly broken in and soft. Why not make some pillowcases to keep that design pattern alive?

8. Quilt backing

Keep a cute pattern alive by using it as the backing of a quilt. The softness will enhance the cozy-factor from its first use.

9. Heating pad

Stitch together a double-thick layer of sheets for the perfect sized heating pad. Add dry beans or rice for easy heating in the microwave.

10. Door draft stopper

Sew a tube from fabric long enough to fit your door and about 8 inches wide. Fill the tube with rice to form into the nooks and crannies at the bottom of the door and block out the cold air.

They’re not great, but you hate throwing them away

Waste not, want not – we get it. If your frugal values inspire you to define new life for your bed sheets here are some great uses for those old sheets that aren’t fit to repurpose for new décor.

11. Saturday morning forts

Did you do this as a kid, too? There is something about a fort made of chairs and sheets that makes Saturday breakfast taste much better. Keep a pack of old sheets for the kiddos to make little communities through the living room, and you won’t have to stress about getting your clean sheets soiled or stepped on by the dogs as they play along with the kids.

12. Hanger cover

If you find yourself with an abundance of plastic or wire hangers, make them non-slip with the help of your old bedsheets. Simply tie a strip of sheet close to the hook, then wrap the strip of sheet fabric around the entire hanger and tie back at the beginning.

13. Garden protection

Every spring and fall, a cold snap comes to threaten your plants. Keep a box of old bedsheets handy to drape over those plants and shrubs to protect them from the frost. Old fitted sheets are a favorite for their elastic hugging around the plant.

14. Automotive plot twists

Car maintenance and troubles are plot twists because they are an unexpected interruption to your day, and you are probably not dressed for these events. Keep a sheet in the trunk to provide protection as you sit on the ground or to absorb any fluids that suddenly let loose. Your old bedsheet will also protect your trunk from any loose dirt due to whatever you are transporting, from a flat tire to new landscaping plants.

15. Cleaning rags

There’s no need to purchase new cloths for something you have an abundance of at home. Cut your sheet into perfectly-sized rags for housecleaning. The soft fabric is excellent for wiping furniture without any fear of scratching.

16. Pet cozy

If you’ve chased your pooch off of the bed a time or three, you know that they love cuddly soft sheets as much as you do. Winter is coming, too, and your pet loves to snuggle. Your old bedsheets provide softness and a lingering aroma of their favorite humans in the world. If you are ambitious, stitch together a perfect sized pillowcase for their pet bed and start a collection for easy changes and washing. If you lack that ambition, your pet will be just as delighted if you just fold it to fit and set it down for them to lay on. Their gratitude will outweigh all judgment.

17. Dog toy

One thing that dogs love to do is shake a toy, and they find particular joy when the toy is long enough to flop back and forth. From shaking to tugging, your old bedsheets cut into strips and braided create a vehicle of interactive play for your pooch.

18. Bird Nesting

Cut your sheet into short and thin strips of fabric. Set a container of the strips outside for the birds, who will add the soft material as a cozy addition to their nest.

19. Drop cloth

You can always count on your old bedsheet to protect your surfaces from crumbs, debris, food, and small splatters.

20. Traveling sheet

When traveling, if you prefer an extra layer of fabric between you and your sleeping arrangements, a traveling sheet packs neatly in your bag without taking too much room. Some people like to stitch them into light sleeping bags for the perfect cocoon.

Bed Scrunchie extends the life of your sheets

If your bedsheets are just too good to let go despite the cutest upcycle ideas, Bed Scrunchie keeps your bedsheets alive when the elastic just isn’t holding the same anymore. If your sheets are soft and perfect in every other way, a Bed Scrunchie is just what you need to keep them fitting securely on your bed. No more popped up corners waking you up at night. Buy nowand fall in love with your sheets again.


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